Site Review

alt, as the name suggests is a site catering to people who are interested in alternative types of sexual relationships. Dedicated to categories such as BDSM, kinks, fetishes, etc., you can pick your partners to satiate your own urge as well as that of your partner. You even get to explore the awesome store of sex videos, stories and other content on the site. Only you need to be over the age of 18 to access the site. ALT is a bit complex to use in the sense it has too many options. You could feel like you are entering a video game for the first time not knowing where or what the controls are. But once you get used to the site your focus returns to finding a compatible partner or partners!

I daresay that is, in fact, the leading BDSM fetish and bondage online dating site for the alternative community. You can possibly find thousands of compatible partners if you are into fetishes and want to explore other people with similar interests. You can have loads of fun with like-minded partners in the avenues of foot and leg fetish, spanking and the like. is for you to explore all the fetishes you can think of!


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